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parents. >> reporter: the district attorney expects she will be evaluated for mental illness or drug abuse. the judge granted a request that she be ordered to stay away from 7 people, including 3 children. live in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. the man suspected of shooting a rapper in las vegas is refusing to wave extra decision to nevada. ammar harris was arrested in southern california but his public defender asked authorities to produce a warrant for extra decision that would delay his trip by several weeks. harris is suspected of firing fatal shots from his range rover into a maserati driven by kenneth wayne cherry, an aspiring rapper who called himself kenny clutch. san jose police and school officials are investigating a teacher accuse of trafficking child pornography. ktvu's robert handa is live in
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san jose to tell us why the teacher had contact with a number of students in a number of cities, robert? >> reporter: it has been a long tough day for the district informing parents and as the word spread the fear grows. >> reporter: tracing the steps has the andrew hill high school busy today. he was arrested by police for distributing child pornography. >> the youngest ones were four years old, up to nine. 5-7 years old. these are sexual acts. there is no evidence he produced his own child pornography. he was a substitute from 2009 till last month. investigators point out he worked a large area. >> we are determining at what
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schools he substituted, how many days, what grade levels so we could be responsive to parents. >> the superintendent held an emergency meeting this afternoon and parents were notified quickly. >> it is horrible. my first thought was i hope it wasn't one of my kids. >> real upsetting. i feel for the families and the other educators that are involved because how do you know what someone is doing, who they are? >> reporter: the accusations made one neighbor recall a conversation she over heard when he was videotaping a young girl. >> work it, girl. work your stuff. work it. that is not something an adult should tell a child. >> reporter: he was released, investigators say with a state felony he may face federal charges. robert handa, ktvu channel 2
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news. has a link that will let you download the letter to parents. just look under hot topics. protesters defended some gang members being held in the state prison. new tonight at 6:00 p.m. ktvu's mike mibach is live with the punishment they say amounts to torture. >> reporter: 10 inmates named in the lawsuit, they describe torture and cruel and unusual punishment. >> fellow human beings. >> reporter: today they rallied in oakland. >> it is torture. >> reporter: on their minds prisoners locked up. >> not like they are prisoners of war. they are in prison here. >> they are human beings. >> reporter: there are 10 convicted criminals associated
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with rival games. >> they are hopeful because of the lawsuit. >> reporter: she is one of the attorneys representing the prisoners. >> we are seeking a court ruling that anything above 10 years in solitary confinement is unconstitutional. >> reporter: they spend 22 half hours a day deprived of human contact. >> lot of them sleep at cold because it is cold. they don't have access to the outside. >> spokeswoman said it is essentially from allowing them organizing gang aacts -- ang acts. -- gang acts. >> with that out of the way and the other comments she made, we feel like we will be able to make progress more rapidly in
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the next period. >> reporter: prisoners went on a hunger strike calling attention to the treatment of those and another one could happen this summer. they launched a program in the fall with the goal of reducing the 3,000 inmates confined to the security housing units. a trial date could be set in august. live in oakland, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. a 14-year-old boy was arrested this afternoon after a school received bomb threats two days in a row. they were telephoned in yesterday and today. officers determined the calls were coming from somewhere on campus. they arrested the 14-year-old student this afternoon. he was charged with making terrorist threats at school. threatening graffiti at a high school had little effect on attendance. 92% of students showed up to class at foothill high school after a message in which
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someone threatened to shoot everyone today was discovered this week. officials increased security and said many of the absent students were in school functions off campus. man arrested for drunk saling. happened at 6:00 p.m. last night. rangers say the owner of the boat who hasn't been identified was arrested for boating under the influence. the man is from alaska and just bought the boat last month. not everyone got the word that today san francisco symphony's performance was canceled. >> they are not going to play. >> it was a shock for the carters who traveled from new england for the show. the couple says they support the strike and increased wages for the musicians. >> i think probably they
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deserve it. >> 6 figures. >> that is okay with you? >> sure. >> the musicians went on strike yesterday amid failed contract talks. san jose leaders launched free wickedly fast wi-fi. officials say it is the fastest free wifi in north america. it was created by rutgust technologies. tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news we tested it out. what our survey showed us about this new speed. the supreme court cleared the way for walmart to build the east bay's first super center. they have been trying trying to expand for a decade.
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they decided not to hear petitions from opponents. the new addition would add 30,000 square feet. a call center in contra costa county is back on the table after supervisors rejected it. every state is required to create health benefit exchanges to help people compare private insurance plans. the contra costa county center could create 200 jobs. the board of supervisors will vote tomorrow afternoon. lawmakers are considering a new bill that would end the practice of sending out early pink slips to teachers. under the law they have to issue notices by march 15 but this bill pushes the date back so they have a better idea of their budget and don't send out more notices than necessary. >> they be to give -- they have
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to give it out before they know what the state will give them. >> however the california teachers association is opposed to this bill say it doesn't give teachers enough time to find new jobs. time to start planning for the weekend, the temperature changes i am tracking and st. patrick's day. >> last seen alive in san jose, what police say witnesses may have seen that could solve this case. >> they lost their only child in the connecticut shooting, their plea for a solution to predict and prevent another tragedy.
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hgn the sheriff's department uncovered new details in a
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homicide. the body of eric garcia was found in the mountains. investigators say he is a member of a motorcycle club. they now know he was last seen on september 19 at the park lane lounge in san jose with members of the rival club. three months go 20 children and 6 adults were gunned down at sandy hook elementary school. ktvu's david stevenson is live with families are asking to help prevent another tragedy. david? >> reporter: that's right. parents of children slain at sandy hook elementary school today told us they are turning to companies to prevent more gun violence. >> last friday would have been his 7th birthday. >> reporter: parents of three children explained in the massacre at sandy hook elementary school -- slain in the massacre at sandy hook
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elementary school in connecticut. >> three months after his death i am still in a state of shock. this mobilized the nation, we can feel the thirst for change and the need to do things differently. >> reporter: they agree ending gun violence needs another approach. they are calling for new forms of technology to curve gun violence with a prize offered for the most promising ideas. >> we will harness innovation to bring solutions to gun safety, mental health and school safety. >> reporter: they lost their only child. >> on that day a gunman changed our lives and the lives of 25 other families in one of the worst ways imaginable. >> the two are turning from grief to their backgrounds at
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scientists. they are calling to invest in new technology to measure brain functions. >> imagine we could identify people at risk of violent behaviors. early. young in their life and then we can intervene. >> reporter: the initiative aims to generate $15 million in its first year for companies aiming aiming to curve gun violence. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. hundreds of san francisco city college students, teachers and union members are protested today a day before a deadline that would determine the school's future. >> tomorrow is the deadline for officials to submit a report on why the college should keep its accreditation. the rotesters say proposals to -- protesters say the proposals are not the answer.
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but many administrators say the cuts are necessary to keep the school afloat. lawmakers rejected calls for more over sight of the high- speed rail project. they voted down a request for a third audit of the project. >> nobody is in charge of the public funds so the legislators who is the gate keeper for the funds, we need to know the procedures are in place and track them. >> this has the most over sight we have ever seen. >> construction on the first phase is set to begin this summer. santa cruz county will raise the price of paper bags next week. a ban on plastic bags have been in effect for almost a year now and now officials are raising the price of paper bags to 25 cents. the idea is to get more to
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bring their own bags. the price increase goes into effect march 20. >> apple ceo is ordered to give a deposition. the government is accusing them of conspiring to raise e-book prices. yesterday the judge over seeing the case granted a request for his deposition. google is shutting down its google reader because of declining usage. it allows users to pull together content in one place. it is part of the company's focus on fewer products with larger impact. a few clouds out there tonight. those clouds dropped the temperature as few degrees. temperatures a few degrees.
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clouds linger tonight and into tomorrow morning. get ready for fog to return. there are all the high clouds. closer you can see the coverage. partly cloudy skies all around the bay right now. current temperatures are mild. not bad for this time of night. like i say, it is winter but it doesn't look like winter. we are continuing with this very warm, unusually warm weather pattern. these are the highs. we will see lots of mid-70s, 77, 76 tomorrow. warmer temperatures around the bay as well. dense fog advisory could happen again tomorrow morning. be prepared for that. it will give you grief again tomorrow morning. golden gate bridge, all the bridges impacted this morning. warm pattern into the extended forecast but when we go way out
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there is rain. i will show you that. air is compressing, you get dense fog along the coast. sometimes it creeps into the bay, around the corner out by -- you get poor visibilities on the bay. tomorrow is mild like today. high pressure owns everything. through the weekend. and we get what we have been seeing. temperatures came down, come up a little bit on friday. and on saturday, the same and sunday they cool. 24 hours. 24 hours. tuesday, next week. look what happened. clouds are moving in. rain out here. and then boom! right here, tuesday night, wednesday, clouds and rain on wednesday morning right now. we will watch it. looks like a nice system. the drag is, there is nothing behind it. one shot deal. that is the thing you get. one shot deals into march. you don't get the strings of storms. five-day forecast with your bay
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area weekend in view just another amazing week. amazing weather in winter. >> when you say a nice season -- storm, rather, half inch? >> hard to say. maybe half inch. this doesn't look stacked up. we need stacked up. >> thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 we are following the search in santa cruz for a man who authorities say they be disoriented and a buzz with the dow's winning streak, 10 in a row, should investors dive in or pull back? ktvu channel 2 news -- join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. the key jobs indicating the nation's unemployment rate is headed towards.
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the unemployment rate dropped to a 5 year low. applications for jobless benefits fell by 10,000 to 322,000. that is the lowest sincey. 2008 and -- since march 2008. and when they are under 350,000
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it indicates a pull back in layoffs. unemployment dropped 13% since last november. mark is enjoying spring training, fred is here with us and a lot of moving and shaking in the nfl. >> a jobs fair. the 49ers lost another defensive player today. he is now with minneapolis. he agreed to a four year deal with the colts. one day after interviewing charles woodson san francisco brought in another former raider cornerback, nnamdi asomugha. he sin for a viz -- he is in for a visit today after being released from philadelphia. they must pay him $4 million no matter where he ends up. st. louis says good-bye to steven jackson today. steven jackson agreed to a
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three year $12 million deal with atlanta. san francisco will host the falcons in the regular season. team u.s.a. can clinch a spot in the world baseball classic tonight. u.s.a. failed to reach it in the two previous world baseball classic but today they score in the first three innings. r.a. dickey gave up just one run in 5 innings. it is 1-1 in the 6th inning. we will have highlights tonight. in arizona today josh redick homers but they lose 6-2 and the giants lost to the japanese team. that is sports. lots more tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> a lot of movement in the nfl. thank you. >> time is running out as we
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mentioned earlier for san francisco city college. tonight at 10:00 p.m. the protest and plans in the final hours before the college has to prove its worth or face closure. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we are always here for you on and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us.
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george: say it's saturday night in spain. they go out dancing. think they do the flamenco? i would think. so you could call the woman for a date ask her if she's free for dinner and a flamenco. you don't flamenco on the first date. i wish the flamenco was popular here. would you do it? yes. i think i would. [telephone rings] i knew you had an affinity for it because it's the dance of a very proud people. hello? oh, hi, nana. what? all right. don't worry about it. ok. i'll see you later. all right. bye. i have to go to my grandmother's. what for? i have to open a bottle of catsup for her. so no lunch? no. we have time. how's she doing? she's starting to slip a little. sometimes she has trouble distinguishing between past and present. there's got to be an easier way to
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open catsup. they should make it in a tube. like toothpaste? aha! there's a squeeze catsup. i've seen squeeze mustard, never squeeze catsup. if they make squeeze mustard, it stands to reason that they make squeeze catsup. not necessarily. mustard lends itself to the squeeze. i really don't see the difference. oh, there's a difference. it's subtle. isn't elaine supposed to meet us? yeah. there she is. uh-oh. what? ah, she's with her friend wendy. wendy? is that the physical therapist? yeah. i'm on a kiss hello program with her. every time i see her i got to kiss hello. i just did it once on her birthday. somehow it mushroomed. now i dread seeing her because of it. i'm down to one kiss hello-- my aunt celia. that's fortunate. i really admire that. really? huh. never said you admired me for anything. i told you i admire your hearing. yeah, but... don't slough it off. you have great hearing. hi. hi.
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oh, did you ever meet george? wendy. you're a physical therapist, right? i've got this little swelling right here. it's kind of tender. have you tried heat and ice on it? that really seems like a lot of trouble. you could come by my office later. i could work on it a little. oh! ok. let me give you my card. well, i'll see you guys later. nice meeting you. bye, elaine. bye, wendy. bye. bye, jerry. what did you do that for? what? ask her about your arm? the difference between a vase and a vaz? a vaz is a really nice vase. shop like a fashionista. do you like this vaz? got it for the price of a vase! save like a maxxinista. designer brands at t.j. prices. t.j.maxx.
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i do
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n't see why i can't ask her about my arm. she's a physical therapist. she doesn't want to deal with that outside of the office. why not? because it is what she does. you can't ask these people questions. they're so mentally gifted that we mustn't disturb the delicate genius
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except in an office. when huge sums of money are involved then the delicate genius can be disturbed. george you got something right here. people think they're so important! i'm going on record. that was my last kiss hello. i'm getting off the kiss program with her. why? outside of a sexual relationship i don't see the point to it. i'm not thrilled with hand shaking, either but one step at a time. what are you getting? and what's with that hairdo, by the way? yeah, i know. it's not very flattering. she looks like something out of an old high school yearbook. you should say something. i could never say anything about that. yeah. kramer's the only person who could say something like that. tell kramer to tell her. no. if you tell him to do it, he'll never do it. you introduce him, and he'll just come out with it. yes. yes, you're right. that's right! i'll bring her over to meet kramer! oh! boys and girls.
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speak of the devil. listen, i, uh, i need a picture of you, buddy. what for? i'm putting everybody's picture up in our lobby. why? so everyone will know everybody's name. i don't want my picture plastered up. imagine walking by someone on the floor and you say, "hey, carl," and he says, "hey, jerry." that's the kind of society i want to live in. i don't want to stop and talk with everyone every time i go in the building. i just want to nod and be on my way. you know your eyeliner's smudged a little. why do you wear so much eye makeup? yeah. this is going to work out just fine! leo: ma! again with the catsup? don't they have them in the plastic squeeze containers? [knock on door] jerry, hello! hello, uncle leo! what are you doing here? nana called me to open the catsup. yeah, me, too. hello, jerry.
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hi, nana. here's the bottle. i'll do it. let me do it. jerry, will you give me the bottle? uncle leo! all right! take it! you should let buddy open it. buddy? he lived next door to us 45 years ago. leo, did you give helen the $50? what $50? your father won $1,000 at the track last week and he gave you 100 and you were supposed to give $50 to your sister. ma, dad died in 1962. ha ha ha ha! believe me i don't owe your mother $50. jerry: i'm not getting hot water. there's nothing worse than a broken shower. i'll get on it soon, jerry. thanks, julio. all right. oh. hey. hey, hey, hello!
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what's going on here? uh, nothing. nothing. what are you doing? i--i need a pen. what for? well, i'm making out my will. i got a big slice of dough for you, buddy. and you, too, elaine. you're looking for a picture. you got that straight. i told you forget it! oh, come on, jerry! if everybody knew everybody we wouldn't have the problems we have in the world today. you don't rob somebody if you know their name. you're robbing me. i'm going to get your picture and you're going to participate in my program. are you going home? yeah. can you come back in five minutes? why? no reason. just want to see you again. are you sure wendy's coming? she'll be here any second. this will be an interesting experiment. sure you want to do this? listen, jerry, she never dates,
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and i know it's because of her hair. [telephone rings] hello. oh, hi, mom. yeah, i was at nana's yesterday. i helped her open a catsup bottle. ma, let me ask you a question. do you remember when you were a kid your father winning like $1,000 at the track? really? did you know he gave uncle leo $100 and he was supposed to give you 50? how do i know? because nana doesn't know what year it is and she thinks this just happened. well, i think you should. ok. bye. morty: do you know what the interest on that $50 comes to over 53 years? oh, morty, please. $663.45. that's figuring conservatively at 5% interest over 53 years compounded quarterly. or if you put it in a 10-year t-bill-- morty, will you stop it? well, he's not getting away with this!
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[door buzzes] yeah? it's wendy. come on up. well, this is it. should i go get kramer? no, he'll come in. this is my first opportunity to not kiss her hello. what is the big deal about putting your lips on somebody's face? it's the obligation. as soon as this person comes in, you know you have to do this. if you could, say, touch a breast as part of the kiss hello then i could see the value in it a little better. how about an intercourse hello. how would that be? elaine, now you're being ridiculous. [knock on door] that's her. that's her. oh. wait. wait. ok. go ahead. tch. oh! hi, wendy. hi. hi, wendy. oh, hi, jerry. would you like something to drink? sure. there you go. oh, look at that.
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i'm almost out of klondike bars. so how's everything going? your friend george came by the office the other day. then yesterday he canceled on me. he had to take his mother to the chiropodist. [door closes] you hear that? that must be kramer. hey, jerry! come on, that's not fair! i told you i'd get it! no, no, no, no! give me the picture. fine. put it up. what do i care? uh--ahem--kramer i'd like you to meet my friend wendy. oh, hello hi. you know i really like that hairdo. oh. thank you. i actually was thinking it might be time for a change. oh, you were? oh, no, no. you don't want to do that. nobody wears it like that. kramer, if she wants to change her hair-- you'd be a damn fool to change it.
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it's very becoming. oh, well. oh! ha ha. wendy: so who's that friend of yours, that guy who came in? oh, kramer. yeah. does he have a girlfriend? you want to go out with him? well, why not? it's just that... i-- is there anything wrong with him? elaine? i'm just thinking about the question. you know my arm feels a lot better. wendy really knows her stuff. she is super. same time tomorrow? yep. same time. there you go. oh, owe 150. what for? well, you canceled on tuesday and our policy is 24 hours notice for all cancellations.
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cch. i couldn't come. i had to drive my mother to the chiropodist. what's the problem? are you aware that i'm being charged for tuesday's appointment? i'm sorry. that's our policy. oh, you have a policy! the delicate genius has a policy! so, will you be here tomorrow? well, it's less than 24 hours, so i guess i have to! hey! so what do you think? you like it? oh, my god. look at that picture. that's terrible! you can't put that up. it's not a beauty contest. it's just a way for people to get to know one another. hi, cosmo! hey...steve! now, you see? hey, kramer, my friend wendy wants to go out with you. well, how do you do? hello...
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jerry! oh. hello, uh... mary. i've seen you so many times, and now we can finally talk to each other. isn't this nice? jerry, you know, could you help me with a package? sure. yeah. thank you. oh, no! that's just what i need-- more kissing. hee hee hee hee hee hee hee. what is so funny? nothing. nothing. [telephone rings] hello? oh, hi, ma. what? oh, ma, he didn't! he couldn't! all right. i will. ok. bye. uncle leo put nana in a home! why? i don't know. maybe to keep her quiet.
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hi, jerry. mmmwa! hi, joan. how you doing? pretty good. just pretty good? not great? ok--great. are you happy? oh, i'm delighted. ok. have a nice day. you, too. hi, jerry! hi, louise. hey! oh, well, thank you very much! for what? for putting my picture up. i'm like richard dawson down there now! and every person i see engages me in this long, boring, tedious conversation. i can't even get out of the building! you should be thanking me for liberating you from your world of loneliness and isolation. now you're part of a family. family? you think i want another family? my father's demanding my uncle pay interest on $50 he was supposed to give my mother in 1941, and my uncle put my nana in a home to shut her up.
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and another thing, cosmo, kramer-- whatever you want to be called-- the kissing thing is over. there's no more kissing, and i don't care about the consequences. oh, hi, mr. costanza. we were trying to contact you. wendy can't make her appointment. cch. what do you mean? she had some personal affair she had to attend to. i left a message on your machine. when did you leave it? a few hours ago. oh, i'm sorry. i require 24 hours notice for a cancellation. as i see it, you owe me $75. look, mr. costanza-- will that be cash or check?
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cch! i am really glad i took the day off. oh, yeah. there's nothing better than skiing. god. i hope my clients weren't too upset. ah. the hell with them. what are you stopping here for? i'm dropping you off. oh, no. i'm three more blocks. yeah. but if i take you to your door i have to go all the way around central park west, back to columbus. it's all one way. but it's only three blocks. right. it's only three blocks. all right. well. i got it. i got it. she'd driven me 120 miles, and all of a sudden, three blocks from my door she decides this trip is over. isn't that strange? yes. it's very strange. i've never heard of anything like this. it was as if i was hitchhiking and she said "this is as far as i can take you."
6:49 pm
if you were hitchhiking, you'd never get in a car with someone with that hairdo. i carried everything. i think i pinched a nerve. you should have her work on it. i got to go. hi, jerry. hi, mary. uh, listen... i've decided i can't kiss hello anymore. it's nothing personal. it just makes me uncomfortable and i can't do it. hi, jerry! hi, louise. i was just telling mary how i'm not doing the kiss hello thing anymore. i can't do it. it's nothing personal. it's just that i'm not able to do it. i'm sorry. thank you for your cooperation. hello? jerry? hi, mom. so is uncle leo paying you? no. he says we have no proof. no proof? we'll get him. he's a crook. sooner or later, he'll slip up. anyway, i want you to go check on nana at the home. ok. i will. do you realize an above-average performing growth mutual fund for 53 years... hey. what's up? i got to visit my nana in the nursing
6:50 pm
home. oh. hey, kramer look at this. look at my picture! i've been defaced! well, don't you worry, buddy. i made double prints. hey. hi, cosmo. hey, jack, how you doing? hi, jack. hey, julio, could you get to that shower today? oh, i see. when you need something done you're friendly, huh? that's not true! i think it is! it's a big building, seinfeld. maybe i'll get to it someday... after i take care of the people that are civil to each other! yes, she's upstairs playing cards. she really doesn't belong here. my uncle put her here because he's trying to prove he doesn't owe my mother $50. she seems happy. she met an old friend who used to live next door. buddy? yes, that's his name. he's right over there.
6:51 pm
wendy: i'm sorry. i don't owe you anything. i had some personal business that day. so your time is more valuable than mine. is that it? you're a delicate genius! a delicate genius? elaine. george! good luck. what's going on? wendy, i injured my shoulder wednesday when you dropped me off and i had to carry my skis and my boots and my poles all the way home. i'm having trouble lifting my arm. could you give me some treatment? sure! you have insurance, right? insurance? you're charging me? wednesday? that's your personal business-- skiing? let people suffer while you're shushing all over a mountain. how did you hear that? i hear everything! why don't you two just take your business elsewhere? ah ho ho. that is a good idea.
6:52 pm
come on, george. yeah. let's go. and you know? you might want to do something about that hair. why? what's wrong with my hair? i think it's a little... old fashioned, don't you? tell her. she's right. so you were with him that day at the track? oh, yeah. he won $1,000. his son was there, too. leo? yeah that's it. leo. oh, what an obnoxious little kid. he used to steal my soda bottles and cash them in for the deposit. is that so? and after your grandfather hit the daily double he gave him $100 and told him to give 50 to his sister. his sister! he should give it to me for all the bottles he took! well, that's very interesting! uncle leo! i just met your old acquaintance. remember buddy? he just told me quite a story about you and grandpa at the track! wait a second--
6:53 pm
you're busted! hey, steve. how you doing? hey, jeff. what's happening? mary! oh, mary. give us a kiss. don't be like that. do everybody a favor and get out of this building! nobody wants you here! nobody! jeff: hi, mary. hi, jeff. how are you? hi, steve! hey, let's go get some coffee. that would be great. great idea. oh, paul hold that door! captioning made possible by columbia tristar domestic television captioned by the national captioning institute
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could i use your shower? again? you took one this morning. i got a date. come on. please? i got a little problem. wendy here? no, no. she changed her hairstyle. it's terrible. no. we're done. i'll go get some more beer. yeah, great. and get some blue corn chips! hey! hi, cosmo. hi. ooh! i like that. who's that? stephanie. 2-g. looks like you got quite a few people here. i'd invite you in, but, you know... oh. i understand.
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previously on the big bang theory: what's going on? (laughs) it's-it's not what it looks like. what does it look like? it's not what it looks like. it's not what it looks like. what are you grinding about? penny's brain teaser this morning. she and koothrappali emerge from your bedroom. she is disheveled, and raj is dressed only in a sheet. the sole clue: "it's not what it looks like." just let it go, sheldon. if i could, i would, but i can't, so i shan't. now, knowing penny
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the obvious answer is, they engaged in coitus. but... since that's what it looked like, we can rule that out. let's put on our thinking cap, shall we? raj is from india, a tropical country. third world hygiene. parasitic infections are common, such as pinworms. mm-hmm. the procedure for diagnosing pinworms is to wait until the subject is asleep, and the worms crawl out of the rectum for air. yes, just like that. penny could have been inspecting raj's anal region for parasites. oh, boy. that's a true blue friend. they slept together, sherlock. no, you weren't listening. she said it's not what it looks like.

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